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When you invest in the best footwear, you want to make sure it's taken good care of. Let us help save a broken heel, tip, or sole with our restoration services. We'll keep your shoes looking like new.
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I have always received excellent service at a fair price. You went above and beyond any expectations. Thank you for care.

Natasha Powell

New York

I always have a good experience when I bring my shoes to you. Your staff is always helpful, kind, and considerate. Thanks for the good service!

Gordon McKinney

New York

Your team removed the stain and refinished my bag, it looks brand new. I was happy because it means so much to me. Thank you.

Thomas Mosley

San Francisco

What an amazing job you did, cleaning up my daughter’s shoes. They look like new. You also repaired my favorite leather briefcase.

Gavin Morrison

Los Angeles