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Briefcase & Bags Repair

Backpacks. Satchels. Shoulder Bags.

We Can Fix All Your Favorites.

Pack, messenger, laptop case, backpack, hip pouch, field bag. No matter how you refer to your carrier-of-all-things, it’s something that becomes a part of you as you travel together through all of life’s adventures.

And when your carryall gets banged up, bruised, torn, dirty—or worse—Cobblers Direct can fix it!

Our skilled bag-makers have decades of experience, and we can fix just about anything ranging from tears in the leather to broken hardware. Bag repair can be complex, as each job is custom and completed by hand. Often, our craftsmen must sew through 3-4 layers of leather, strapping, and lining to make a delicate repair.

We understand that your man-bag has a story to tell, and we promise to show it the care it deserves to go on living more lifetimes by your side.

Zipper & Zipper Pull Repair

We’ve all experienced the aggravation of a zipper coming un-tracked or breaking during use. Even the loss of a tiny zipper pull can be a headache. All is not lost! Most damaged or non-working zippers can be re-tracked, and we can install a new zipper pull quite easily.

We will also completely replace the entire zipper if absolutely needed. Our cobblers maintain a vast collection of zippers and zipper pulls to match the original as closely as possible, so you’ll never know the difference.

Lost & Broken Hardware

Missing a buckle or snap? Our cobblers will replace lost or broken hardware like d-rings, buckles, gate hooks, feet, rivets, and more. In fact, we inventory thousands of pieces of hardware in several different finishes, including many styles of rivets – round heads, raised heads and flat heads -as well as hundreds of gate hooks.

We know how important it is to best match the original hardware of your bag, and we have a near limitless collection on hand for our craftsmen to work with.

Handle & Strap Repair

Over time, stitching can wear down and begin to break in the handles and straps of your pack. And in extreme cases, teething puppies have been known to destroy a perfectly good strap. Not to worry!

We can re-stitch and repair torn handles and straps using a large variety of colored polyester threads to not only match your favorite stitch, but to provide the greatest strength.

We can also custom-build (or re-build) a new handle or strap to completely replace the old one. Once made, we will dye-to-match the color of your bag to ensure your new strap or handle looks as good as the original.

Patchwork & Purse Lining Repair

A tear is no reason to give up on your beloved bag! All bags can be patched and stitched where needed, including torn bottoms and corners. We can also repair damaged inside lining or replace it altogether if necessary.

bag Cleaning & Recondition

Inevitably, your bag is going to get dirty from everyday use no matter how careful you are. Even your blue jeans can innocently transfer their color onto a light-colored briefcase simply from rubbing on one another during a casual stroll.

To clean and restore your bag, our craftsmen will do a deep clean to remove any dirt and stains, add dye where necessary, and then deeply recondition your parcel back to its youthful glory.

​Suede must be dry cleaned or finely sanded when cleaning to ensure dirt and stains can be removed. We work the stains out gently without harming the suede, and then waterproof for long-lasting protection.

My Dog Ate My Bag!

So your dog thinks your favorite bag is a chew toy, does he?

Don’t panic!

You’d be surprised how often we see articles that have been chewed up by dogs. Let us take a look. 9 times out of 10 we can fix them right up.

No need to be upset at Hooch for long.

Briefcase & Bag Repair Re-Cap

  • Handle Tears & Unstitching
  • Strap Tears & Unstitching
  • Handle Repair & Replacement
  • Deep Cleaning
  • Stain Protection
  • Hardware Repair & Replacement
  • Leather Reconditioning
  • Color Renewal
  • Custom Dyeing


If you’d like to discuss your repair needs with a cobbler, please contact us. We’ll Zoom call or email you to discuss your repair needs prior to getting started. You can even send our items into us for a Free Repair Consultation and we’ll provide you with pricing once we’ve evaluated your items.

We’re looking forward to meeting your favorites and getting them fixed up and back out to you to enjoy!